Our Cleaning Process

Regular Cleaning
We recommend that a solar site is cleaned at a minimum on an annual basis. Regular cleaning prevents the accumulation and compaction of dirt that can lead to permanent panel damage across the Panel. When eventually cleaned, under maintained sites will require a more time consuming and more costly method to remove problematic dirt and lichens.

Why Clean Panels
Dirt and other contaminants build up on the surface of photovoltaic (PV) modules and accumulate at varying rates depending on their geographical locations, the proximity of the panels to other influencers and the site design.

Our Fleet- Capacity and Capability
Our extensive fleet of specialised solar module cleaning equipment allows us to access various row widths, panel sizes and panel orientations/formations. We have both tracked and wheeled cleaning machines meaning we clean across a wide range of ground conditions. We have a large selection of varying sized brushes with solar industry recognised low impact brush filaments.

Our de-ionised water is sprayed onto the panels. Rotary brushes carefully sweep and dislodge the saturated dirt and foreign contaminants. The second flow of water then washes the dislodged dirt and debris down off the panel. Leaving the module clean and free of contamination.

Trained Operators
All out operators have been fully trained and have had to complete a rigorous solar module cleaning assessment at our training facility in Norfolk.

De-ionised Water
We only use de-ionised water in all our cleaning operations. Our water treatment plants remove harmful impurities that can affect the productivity of solar panels. Calcium in untreated tap water can leave residue on panels, whilst impurities could harm the coating on the modules. Many manufacturers state that their panels must be cleaned with de-ionised water to avoid invalidating the warranty. Our water purification plants remove these risks and allow us to clean solar modules to the highest quality, safely.

Our Method

  • Cutting Edge Technology

    Maximise efficiency. Lower risk.

  • State of the art water purification system

    Removes dangerous contaminants from tap-water.

  • Unique processes and methods

    A bespoke service that meets our clients’ needs.

  • Panel protection safety systems

    Safeguards are in place to ensure your panels are protected.

  • Friendly, customer-focused team

    We are here to help.

  • Specialised and purpose-built machines

    Consistently clean panels.

  • Experienced solar site cleaning experts

    We operate best practices for your peace of mind.

  • An efficient and effective complete cleaning service

    We offer tailored contracts to meet your requirements.

Our Machines

  • Arm

    Laser sensor controlled cleaning head automatically adjusts to maintain correct brush distance from the panels

  • Brush

    A purpose-made brush to deliver an efficient clean. Designed and developed specifically for PV panels.

  • Cab

    High vantage point and 360 degree view for optimum safety, increased control and adjustment.

  • Cleaning Agent

    If required for a deeper clean (with the client’s agreement) a bio cleaning agent may be used which effectively breaks down the more stubborn deposits.

  • Purified Water

    Purified water is used to clean / rinse panels. This can be heated to aid removal of subborn deposits, or on very hot days in high summer to reduce thermal-shock.

  • Tracks or Wheels

    Our machines use either tracks or large tyres designed to travel on uneven sites and those with soft ground conditions.

“Regular solar panel cleaning is essential to protect the long-term value of your investment”

– David Mack, Managing Director

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