Frequently Asked Questions

We are able to cover the whole of the UK

We recommend cleaning your panels a minimum of once a year. Each Site has its own unique environmental surroundings affecting dirt and grime build-up and may require cleaning more often. When dirt begins to gather on the lower edge of your panels this is a good indication they need cleaning. Infrequent cleaning can lead to vegetation growth on panels causing increased dirt levels and reduced PV output.

Yes, thermal shock can be a problem when cleaning solar farms during the summer. Cold water can cause serious damage to an array if it’s applied to very hot solar panels. To mitigate this issue, we have equipped our machine with a water heating system.

No, the cleaning brush is made from a material which is proven not to damage solar panels.
The machine is also equipped with an automated driving system which keeps the Cleaning Head a set distance from the panels.

Yes, the machine operator continually checks the panels as the brush travels across them. At intervals, we spot check samples of panels on different arrays to ensure our cleaning service is to a consistently high standard.

Yes, the machine has the capability to clean arrays up to 4.2m wide which will normally cover a double portrait formation and quadruple landscape. We also have the ability to clean smaller formations by isolating washer nozzles.

Larger formations up to 6 landscape and triple portrait can be cleaned by machine by making two passes.